Summary of the convergences flaws in

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Summary of the convergences flaws in

The article attempts a moderate, scientifically sound criticism of hereditarianism i.

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Unfortunately, the result is a tendentious and ideologically skewed attack on Murray that forwards cherry picked studiesignores copious data, and dismisses the impressive explanatory power of hereditarianism with a wagging finger of moral disapproval.

And, more specifically, they contended that Murray ignored important evidence and ran roughshod over the contradictory data he did discuss. For example, Murray conducted analyses of the Woodcock-Johnson cognitive test batteries and found no decrease in the Black-White gap for those born after the s and, in fact, found a slight increase in this gap since the s.

He found similar results using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.

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However, they also noted that the gap has been stable since the early s. Similar findings, with somewhat smaller convergences between Blacks and Whites, have emerged for the SATthe GREand educational attainment, more broadly.

So, although it is reasonable to argue that the Black-White IQ gap shrunk a bit in the early 20th century, the claim that the IQ gap is now 10 points is only supported by a few data points. It seems to us more reasonable to contend that the IQ gap has stabilized near points.

They noted that this increase is larger than the Black-White IQ gap. To understand fully why the Flynn effect is irrelevant to the Black-White IQ gap, we would have to discuss in detail something called the g factor, or general intelligence factor, because secular gains in IQ are inversely correlated with g loadings whereas the Black-White gap is positively correlated with g loadings.

Consider the following example: Men are taller than women there is a height gap between men and women.

Update, September 2006

Both men and women have increased in height since the s. But the gap between men and women in height has remained relatively stable in the US, it has increased slightly in the past years.

The cause of the secular increase probably nutrition is different from the cause of the disparity between men and women almost certainly genes ; therefore, one increase in height has little to do with the other gap between men and women.

However, there are a number of problems with this argument.

Summary of the convergences flaws in

First, many other studies that have examined the heritability of cognitive ability have found no or little evidence that heritability is lower in poor children. In a meta-analysis of available studiesTucker-Drob and Bates found that there was no overall effect of socioeconomic status on the heritability of intelligence in all studies, including ones from outside of the USbut that there was an effect in studies from the US.

That effect, however, was small, and much smaller than in the original Turkheimer study that inspired this line of research. Third, researchers recently found evidence that the heritability of intelligence is the same in Blacks and Whites.

In fact, this was found in the same sample of youths but also including non-twin siblings and half-siblings that Turkheimer used for his original analysis. In other words, the fact that intelligence may be less heritable in impoverished youths is irrelevant to the debate about the cause s of race differences in intelligence.


Below, we will provide some of the important evidence they left out of their article. See, also, the table for a more complete list. Missing Puzzle Pieces 1] Hereditarians point to evolutionary histories and theory. Anatomically modern humans evolved in Africa roughlyyears ago and eventually spread into Eurasia and across the globesettling in areas with diverse climates and environments.

Around 10, years ago, some groups of humans became agriculturalistswhich dramatically changed their interactions with their environments and food sources.Measuring The (Nonexistent) Greenhouse Effect in My Backyard with a Handheld IR Thermometer and The Box.

Laypersons are no doubt confused by all of our recent esoteric discussions regarding radiative transfer, and whether global warming is even possible from a theoretical standpoint.

by Brian Boutwell. Brian Boutwell is an Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Saint Louis University. His research interests include the biological evolution of human traits, genetic and environmental underpinnings .

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Measuring The (Nonexistent) Greenhouse Effect in My Backyard with a Handheld IR Thermometer and The Box. Laypersons are no doubt confused by all of our recent esoteric discussions regarding radiative transfer, and whether global warming is even possible from a theoretical standpoint. Irony in Swift's A Modest Proposal - Although I realize your concern, you have missed the point of this well thought out essay completely.

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