Pros and cons of air pollution

Although wind turbines have become familiar in much of the U. The advantages and disadvantages of wind energy are detailed here to help you decide what the future of wind should be in the United States. Wind energy can diversify the economies of rural communities, adding to the tax base and providing new types of income.

Pros and cons of air pollution

Renewable and Plentiful Windmills offer many advantages as sources of electricity.

Pros and cons of air pollution

They can be manufactured and erected rather quickly, and require no other source of energy to operate. Wind is a limitless, naturally occurring phenomenon that is present the world over, and represents a clean and renewable domestic energy resource.

Vermont and the US cannot run out of wind, and would not be dependent on any other country for obtaining wind energy.

In Vermont, there is a lot of potential for harvesting wind energy. The Green Mountains provide many natural ridges and gaps where wind speeds are high enough to make building a wind turbine a beneficial idea.

This website provides maps of the wind characteristics of Vermont by state and by county. Clean Energy with Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions Once a wind turbine is fully up and running, it only consumes wind and is therefore completely clean. The generation of electricity produces no carbon dioxide emissions, or any other type of air pollution, unlike with the combustion of fossil fuels.

Wind turbines also do not require water for cooling engines, and have nowhere near the ecological or political implications that coal mining or drilling for oil do. Image courtesy of http: There does not need to be a reserved amount of land for a turbine to be constructed.

Wind farms do take up more space, but since the majority of activity is going on hundreds of feet in the air, there can be other types of development at ground level. If wind farms are to be built away from already developed areas to reduce the visual impact, roads need to be built to get to the construction site, but there is no need to clear acres of trees to make space for it.

The main form of compatible usage of land in Vermont has been this- building turbines in forested areas. Some wind turbines are placed in residential areas, and become part of the neighborhood landscape.

A third common land-share has been agricultural. Crops can grow in the shadow of a turbine, and livestock are not negatively affected if they are raised in a wind farm. The construction of wind farms oftentimes benefits rural farmers or ranchers by giving them a constant source of income when they sell the electricity generated by the turbines.

The amount of energy it takes to manufacture, transport, build, and maintain a wind turbine and its accompanying power plant is equal to the amount of energy produced by that turbine in a few months.

Since the lifespan of a turbine can be 30 years or more, that equates to a huge net energy gain. Aesthetics Some people believe that building a wind farm would go against public opinion; that everyone thinks they are a blemish on the landscape. A collection of editorial opinions of Vermonters shows a wide variety of viewpoints that can be put into one of three categories: The majority seem to fall into the first category, albeit sometimes grudgingly.

Another concern about wind turbines is that they are excessively loud. The number of decibels of noise put out by a wind turbine varies based on how far away from it you are and the size of the turbine. As a point of comparison, a simple conversation can be 60dB.

The noise produced from a residential turbine is usually considered to be at an ambient level, and at meters, a commercial turbine produces db. These noise levels are generally considered acceptable, but one must consider variables of how far away you are, whether you are upwind or downwind, what type of turbine it is, and what type of environment is it in- are there objects and vegetation to absorb the noise?

Though this is true, the impact on these populations is negligible compared to other threats, including housecats: Many millions more are killed by collisions with cars, buildings and windows, smokestacks, and communication towers.

The main concerns in Vermont about the construction and operation of wind turbines are the effects on fragile high elevation forests where the turbines are built, which is the habitat and nesting grounds for many birds and hawks. A study has been done on the effects of the Searsburg Wind Facility in Vermont on birds.

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