Philippine faculty loading studies

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Philippine faculty loading studies

Folkloric - Decoction of fresh leaves used for indolent ulcers. Others - Leaves are one of the most commonly used material for thatching. Study evaluated the effect of methanol extract of stems and leaves on serum glucose lowering ability in glucose-induced hyperglycemic mice.

At minutes after glucose loading, the extract demonstrated highly significant glucose lowering activity.

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Study showed Nypa fruticans leaves extract and DPC diphenyl carbazone inhibit the corrosion of zinc comparatively, possibly through the protonation of the hydrogen evolution process or formation of a soluble complex on zinc surface by molecules of N.

Evaluation for antioxidant capacity showed total phenolic and flavonoid content of immature fruits were higher than mature fruits. Study evaluated the production of ethanol from the sap. With its incredibly high sugar-rich sap yield, researchers estimated 15, to 20, liters of biofuel yield per hectare compared with sugar cane at liters, and corn at 2, literon a continuing basis, year-round, for up to 50 years.


An April-May survey done in the Philippines to study the biology of nipa with emphasis on potential for alcohol production showed the estimates of sap yield to be much lower than the ones reported in literature. Study evaluated the optimum bacterial concentration for fermentation to produce high concentration of bio-fuel.

Results showed the highest yield of bio-ethanol 8. Study evaluated endosperm extracts of ripe and unripe fruits for total phenolics, flavonoid content, and antioxidant capacities. Endosperm extract of unripe fruits EEU exhibited the highest phenolics The extract also showed radical scavenging activity by DPPH assay and high antioxidant capacity by phosphomolydenum method and ferric reducing antioxidant power values.

Chlorogenic acid, protocatechuic acid, and kaempferol were the major phenolic compounds. Study evaluated the antidiabetic and antioxidant activities of nipa palm vinegar in normal and STZ-induced diabetic rats.

Results showed an aqueous extract of NPV to possess antihyperglycemic activities comparable to metformin, while an ethyl acetate extract precipitated significant antioxidant effects attributable to its high phenolic contents. Results showed an antidiabetic effect and with delayed glucose absorption in isolated rat jejunum, suppression of postprandial hyperglycemia, weak inhibitory activity against both a-glucosidase and a-amylase activities.

Study evaluated various extracts of Nypa fruticans against E.

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Aqueous and ethanolic extracts of midveins, leaves, and husks showed good antimicrobial activity against all the test organisms. Study evaluated the anti-hyperglycemic and antinociceptive potential of methanolic extract of leaf and stem.

Study evaluated the total phenolic content and antioxidant activity in matured leaves, young leaves, and husk of mature fruits of Nypa fruticans. The matured leaf showed the highest total phenolic content Both mature and young leaf contained high antioxidant activity with IC50 of 0. Nypa produces considerable amount of fruit with high content of carbohydrate.

The mesocarp of the mature fruit is an underutilized potential source of energy.

Philippine faculty loading studies

Study reports on the production of flour from the mature fruit mesocarp. Mesocarp processing produced flour with low fat content 1. It exhibited low swelling power and solubility.How Philippine Studies Began.

July 1, SUNY Buffalo, Washington State, Oregon and Northern Illinois also have Philippine specialists on their faculty. The downside is, in current American academia, ethnic or area programs are the first to be cut or eliminated in times of budget crisis.

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Philippine faculty loading studies

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Filipino American History Month Celebration A CCSF official celebration hosted by the Philippines Studies department and in collaborate with MultiCultural Retention Center (MCRC), TULAY (Filipino American Studies Success Program, P.E.A.C.E., and more.

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