If i were a police officer

Introduction The fundamental mission of government is the protection of its citizens. As the most visible arm of government, law enforcement officers are on the front line in the fight to protect citizens from harm, and to preserve public order.

If i were a police officer

He then shot and killed himself - with our 2 young grandchildren only feet away, running to them, pleading to strangers to please help "mommy.

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William Mackenzie killed his wife, Veterinarian Technician Patricia, and himself. New York State Police Capt. William Gavitt's wife, Cynthia Gavitt, has been missing since October 29, Uteva loved her two children, her people, butterflies, and purple.

Uteva was only Christopher Shimek strangled his wife Lynn and fatally shot himself.

If i were a police officer

Detroit Police Detective Ed Williams, after killing her, shot and killed himself. There were indications he was suicidal. Katie has a son. Her ex-boyfriend is the person of interest. Despite Leigh Ann's fears and statements Orange Circuit Judge Bob Wattles believed the deputy's accusations and awarded temporary custody to Deputy Terry - calling it a "a he-said, she-said thing.

If i were a police officer

Her baby Jaylin died as a result of her murder, abandoned in a car. Officer Phillips is facing two counts of first degree murder, one count of child abuse resulting in death, and one count of reckless endangerment.

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Officer Hayslip then killed himself. Austin's mother, a former Albany Police Officer, also sustained a gunshot wound while trying to save Austin. State Police called it unpremeditated. Karen McGowan had been a Cathedral City firefighter until she retired to be a full-time mom.

Nancy had spoken of the abuse before and had moved out to stay with a family member. Her family is heartbroken. He is said to have attempted to make it look like a suicide. Franklin County Ohio Sheriff's Deputy Laura Worthington was attacked and stabbed in the neck critically by her ex-Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy husband, Matthew Worthington, who then called and shot himself fatally in the chest.It is for this, if I were a policeman, I would try my best to maintain the dignity of the uniform I would be given.

As all of us know, the work of the police is, to maintain law and order in the country, and bring to book all those who break the laws of the land in any way.

This should be done with all honesty and disability. May 23,  · The first police officer at the scene of Tupac Shakur's drive-by murder has revealed the last words spoken by the late rap legend.

And they're not exactly peaceful. Read this essay on “If I were a Police officer” in Hindi language: Home ›› Essay on Police Related Essays: When officer in charge of police station may require another to issue search warrant (Section of CrPc) Letter to the Officer-in-Charge of Police Station requesting him to Deploy 4/5 Police Force A Letter of [ ].

A police community support officer (PCSO) (Welsh: swyddog cymorth cymunedol yr heddlu, SCCH), or as written in legislation community support officer (CSO) (Welsh: swyddog cymorth cymunedol, SCC) is a uniformed civilian member of police support staff in England and Wales, a role created by Section 38(2) of the Police Reform Act , which was given Royal Assent by Queen Elizabeth II on .

Birmingham Alabama Police Officer Rodney Jerome Wilson committed murder-suicide on his wife Uteva "Butterfly" Monique Woods Wilson. Irondale Police Detective Michael Mangina would not comment to media about a history of violence between the couple. "While working as a tour guide I met a Police Sgt.

who encouraged me to apply as a Police officer. I did not know the first thing about being a cop nor did I have any close friends or relatives who were.

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