Hills like white elephants gender roles

This is my original essay: It is very interesting when writers or musicians discuss the events that lead them to creating their art. Every writer has a different method of writing, but I believe many writers gather the inspiration for a story from their own lives. His experiences have heavily influenced the stories he has written and I believe many of his stories offer insight to who he was as a person, not as a writer.

Hills like white elephants gender roles

At this point in time, the world was caught in between two world wars. He found himself in Paris inready to begin his career as a writer.

He was years-old and feeling a sense of isolation and loneliness that many felt after the end of WWI. This feeling appears in much of his writing.

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Although the war was over, Europe was still in a state of unrest. The economy was in poor shape, and the continent was still recovering from the war — physically, economically, and politically.

However, back home in the United States, the economy was booming. The dollar was worth more in Europe, and exchange rates were favorable. Young Americans who fought in the war found themselves comfortable in Europe. Their time overseas made them interested in learning about other cultures and languages.

Hills like white elephants gender roles

The transition to Europe was easy. In fact, many writers moved to Paris in order to pursue their creative pursuits. Hemingway was rubbing elbows with writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce. Times changed quickly after the war. Socially, many were celebrating the end of the war with extravagant parties and tastes.

People in the United States were buying all that they could — and fast. People who were once economically disadvantaged now had the ability to buy like they had never been able to before. The economy in the US was booming, and lots were benefitting from it. Not only that, but women were given the right to vote in Not only that, but many women joined the workforce during this era as well.

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The flapper phenomenon gained popularity among women of all social classes. Hemlines rose, hair was cut into short bobs, and women took control of their lives more fiercely than they had before.

Traditional male values were being challenged, and debate about what purpose gender roles served in society was present in the literature of the time. Even with the economic success the US was experiencing, many writers still chose to go to Europe.In “Hills Like White Elephants,” the girl, Jig, and the man, who is simply “the American,” are arguing whether or not the girl should have an abortion.

The men and women in these stories can be compared in relation to power and dominance regarding their stereotypical or a-stereotypical behavior regarding gender . Hills Like White Elephants Feminism (Gender): Thesis While Hemingway portrays traditional gender roles in Hills Like White Elephants, he is still a progressive thinker for his time period.

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Commentary on Hemingway's "Hills like White Elephants" has generally focused on its two most striking features: the setting, especially the mysterious white hills, and the dialogue, which, with the exception of several brief paragraphs, carries the entire story.

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Hills like white elephants gender roles

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