Help desk research paper

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Help desk research paper

Desk Research - Methodology and Techniques Desk Research - Methodology and Techniques As depicted by name Desk Research is the research technique which is mainly acquired by sitting at a desk.

However, it could also be a complete waste of time and money if the researcher does not have the proper knowledge of how the research in performed. Desk research is very effective and can be conducted in starting phase of market research as it is quite quick and cheap and most of the basic information could be easily fetched which can be used as benchmark in the research process.

There are basically two types of desk research techniques: Internal Desk Research - Internal desk research can be treated as the most reasonable starting point of research for any organization. Much Information could be generated internally within the organization as a course of normal process.

Account related information which indicates what type of products are sold, in how much quantity and at what cost, sold to which type of customers including their geographical location and so on. The main advantage here in performing internal desk research is that it involves internal and existing organizational resources to organize the collected data in such a way that it is not only efficient but also usable.

Internal desk research is comparatively very cheap and effective as internal recourses are deputed and the expenditure in getting data from outside is less. External Desk Research - External Desk Research involves research done outside the organizational boundaries and collecting relevant information.

These outside resources are described below: Online Desk Research - There is incredible amount of data available online on internet.

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There could be two approaches for digging out the relevant information from internet, one is directly browsing the specific information from industrial, marketing or business sites and extracting the information out of these sites. Secondly, using the various search engines like www. The important aspect here is to refine the searching techniques in such a way that results are promising and relevant.

For this it is necessary that the researcher should know the importance of the research and follow the guideline intellectually to reduce the efforts made and time consumed in searching.

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Government published data - Government usually publishes a great extent of data online that can be used in the research process. This data is related to social, financial and economical aspects.

Help desk research paper

The government websites are mostly free to access and contains most prominent information. Thus, this could be the cheapest medium of gathering the information. Customer desk research - One of the best and most prominent ways of extracting information for research is directly communicating with existing or prospect customer.

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#leveragepoems (am i spamming?) athenian democracy essay. Help Desk International Research Paper HDI is a professional organization and certification body for the technical and support industry.

HDI serves over , technical professionals and is the “premier resource for best practices and emerging trends”. About CPPRI.

The origin of Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute (CPPRI) dates back to the year when the UNDP-GOI Project became operational with an objective to create the required R&D facilities for evaluation of fibrous raw materials for the Indian paper industry.

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Help desk research paper

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