Essays on notes from the underground

Professor Maparyan holds a Ph. Her area of scholarly expertise within psychology revolves around adolescent and young adult development, particularly with regard to social identities such as race, gender, and sexuality. In addition to her books, Layli has published over 35 journal articles and book chapters on topics as diverse as the history of psychology, social identity and identity development, gender and sexuality studies, Hip Hop studies, womanism, and activism. Founded inthe Wellesley Centers for Women WCW is a premier women- and gender-focused, social-change oriented research-and-action institute at Wellesley College with widely acclaimed scholars and researchers including Peggy McIntoshPh.

Essays on notes from the underground


History[ edit ] Pre-career and early stages — [ edit ] The foundations for what would become the Velvet Underground were laid in late Cale was pleasantly surprised to discover that Reed's experimentalist tendencies were similar to his own: Reed sometimes used alternative guitar tunings to create a droning sound.

The pair rehearsed and performed together; their partnership and shared interests built the path towards what would later become the Velvet Underground. Reed's first group with Cale was the Primitives, a short-lived group assembled to issue budget-priced recordings and support an anti-dance single penned by Reed, "The Ostrich", to which Cale added a viola passage.


This quartet was first called the Warlocks, then the Falling Spikes. MacLise made a suggestion to adopt the title as the band's name. The band immediately and unanimously adopted The Velvet Underground as its new name in November Their music was generally much more relaxed than it would later become: Cale described this era as reminiscent of beat poetry, with MacLise playing gentle "pitter and patter rhythms behind the drone".

Nothing ever came of this, but Essays on notes from the underground demo was eventually released on the box set Peel Slowly and See. When they decided to take the gig, MacLise abruptly left the group, protesting what he considered a sellout ; he was also unwilling to be told when to start and stop playing.

Tucker's playing style was rather unusual: After her drums were stolen from one club, she replaced them with garbage cans brought in from outside. Her rhythms, at once simple and exotic influenced by the likes of Babatunde Olatunji and Bo Diddley recordsbecame a vital part of the group's music, despite Cale's initial objections to the presence of a female drummer.

Essays on notes from the underground

Warhol's reputation helped the band gain a higher profile. He helped the band secure a recording contract with MGM's Verve Records, with himself as nominal " producer ", and gave the Velvets free rein over the sound they created. During their stay with Andy Warhol, the band became part of his multimedia roadshow, Exploding Plastic Inevitablewhich combined Warhol's films with the band's music, which made use of minimalist devices, such as drones.

Warhol included the band with his show in an effort to "use rock as a part of a larger, interdisciplinary-art work based around performance" McDonald. Because of the punishing lights, the band took to wearing sunglasses onstage. This soon changed to "the exploding plastic inevitable".

For these appearances, Cale sang and played organ, Tucker switched to bass guitar and MacLise was on drums. Also at these appearances, the band often played an extended jam they had dubbed "Booker T", after musician Booker T.

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Some of these performances have been released as a bootleg ; they remain the only record of MacLise with the Velvet Underground.

According to Morrison, MacLise is said to have regretted leaving the Velvet Underground and wanted to rejoin, but Reed specifically prohibited this and made it clear that this stint was only temporary.

It should be noted, however, that MacLise still behaved eccentrically with time and commerce and went by his own clock: Also enclosed was a 2-sided flexi disk: The album was released by Verve Records the following year in March The album cover is famous for its Warhol design: Those who did remove the banana skin found a pink, peeled banana beneath.

A technique used on many songs was the "drone strum", an eighth-note rhythm guitar style used by Reed. Despite his proficiency on the instrument, Morrison hated playing bass. The album was released on March 12, after a lengthy delay by Verve and reached No.

The album was re-distributed at nearly the same time as Sgt. They didn't release it for almost a year. He saw no talent in Lou [Reed]. Reed once commented on their leaving Warhol: Do you want to keep just playing museums from now on and the art festivals?

Or do you want to start moving into other areas? Lou, don't you think you should think about it?

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Because I thought that was one of the things to do if we were going to move away from that…" [38] Steve Sesnick was soon brought in as a replacement manager, much to the chagrin of Cale, who believes that Sesnick tried to push Reed as band leader at the expense of band harmony.

Both Cale and Reed called Sesnick a "snake" in different interviews after leaving the band.Fifty Orwell Essays, by George Orwell, free ebook. 2/10/15 PM Economic Diversification Cotton was the ruler of the South before the Civil war After the civil war many leaders in the South believed that the reliance on one crop made them weak.

Layli Maparyan*, Ph.D., is the Katherine Stone Kaufmann ’67 Executive Director of the Wellesley Centers for Women and Professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College. She joined the Wellesley Centers for Women in after many years as a faculty member at Georgia State University and the University of Georgia, where she taught women’s studies, African American studies, and psychology. Disaster Preparedness is for Everyone - Introduction Of the four phases of emergency management, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, perhaps the place that individuals can make the biggest difference in their own state of resiliency and survival of a disaster is in the preparedness phase. Essays and criticism on Fyodor Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground - Notes from the Underground Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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Essays on notes from the underground

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