Argo 8x8 xti

The latest member of the amphibious family is the 8x8 XTI, a vehicle designed to reach the most remote worksites on Earth.

Argo 8x8 xti

ARGO Unveils New XTV Lineup | ATV Illustrated

ARGO vehicles are your best choice for extreme off-road use! ARGO provides extreme vehicle solutions unmatched in the off-road industry.

Argo 8x8 xti

Our dedicated team of engineers, production and technical support staff has made ARGO the most reliable, amphibious, off-road, utility vehicle you will ever drive. ARGO XTVs will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you have to go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.

With their add-on rubber tracks, ARGOs tread as lightly as your own footprint. ARGOs swim or ford water obstacles with no preparation required to enter or exit. The integral skid plate and high-ground clearance of the ARGO body prevents bottoming out or hanging up on terrain obstacles.

With ground pressure as low as 1.

Argo 8x8 xti

The design and placement of the exhaust and electrical systems of ARGO minimize any risk of a fire hazard in dry vegetation. Optional cargo decks and interchangeable attachments turn the ARGO into a versatile mobile platform for completing heavy-duty tasks on the jobsite, farm, fishing camp or hunting lodge.

Choice of diesel or gasoline power fits the available fuel type to suit remote jobsites. ARGOs cost far less than the heavier equipment required for equal off-road mobility; multiple ARGO units less cost than a single off-road hauler.

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An ARGO vehicle allows access to the worksite regardless of the remoteness of the location for more work days so high-value crews and equipment earn more every year.

We service what we sell and service other brands too. These units equipped with tracks, winch, cab, windshield, heater, wiper, ROPS, racks, platforms and trailers can get you anywhere.


Through rough country, water, sand, mud, swamp or snow these vehicles will get the job done. We offer financing, leasing, sales, service, rentals and operator training.

We also supply Rescue Vehicles, People Carriers and specialized units to get the job done safely, with lower cost of ownership and breakdowns.—Ranked #1 Argo Dealer in North America since !


We are proud to be Alaska’s Argo dealer! We believe Argo is the best vehicle for travel through Alaska’s snow, marsh, tundra, rocks, and lakes in temperatures ranging from 90 degrees above to 40 degrees below zero. Conquest Outfitter 8×8 XTI.

Argocat 8x8 XTI / Conqueror | PSS Hire Exclusive aluminum bead lock rims and heavy duty axles for a smoother, more comfortable ride over rough terrain.
Bremsscheibe A.b.s.1788, Featuring industry leading terrain capabilities, excellent value and enhanced performance, the complete ARGO lineup is categorized into three distinct series including:
Translate Blog The new Outfitter model is the end result of a collaboration that saw the company team up with famed hunting expert Jim Shockey to create the ultimate ARGO 8x8 all season, all-terrain amphibious vehicle. Designed to meet the specifications of hunt camp operators, lodge owners, and big game guides who traverse the world's toughest terrain, the new ARGO Outfitter 8x8 XTI is a hunter's dream come true and features a number of unique options as standard equipment including:
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All Seasons Argo – And Equipment New for on all models: Avenger STRi fitted with reversible Beadlock alloy wheels with run flat capability, heavy duty drive belt and forced air induction brake cooling system.

Based on the heavy-duty Conquest, this Wilderness Series XTV has space to seat up to 6 people and comes with a front cargo rack, brushguard, gun rack with space for up to four rifles and a choice of Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades or Break-Up Country camo patterns. The 8x8 XTI is the ultimate all-terrain machine if you require a durable, robust and dependable job site transporter.

Argo 8x8 XTI Teaches You to Love Nature by Being in Nature

Designed for demanding commercial uses, the XTI has what you need to get the job done; large payload capacity, tubular steel frame, sealed axles and comfort for staff.

The Argo 8x8 XTI is an 8-wheel drive amphibious Utility Terrain vehicle, known to be the hardest working ATV in the industry.

Click here to build your own Argo today. Argo 8x8 XTi ATV It doesn't matter where you need to go or what the weather's like — odds are the Argo 8x8 XTi ATV can get you there.

This amphibious vehicle is powered . Argo XTI 8x8. Argo Conquest XT-X, XTI, XTD, Lineman Tech Tips and Notes: Please be aware that there are dealers and eBay sellers offering aftermarket belts for Argo Atvs that do not last as long as the Argo Belt and have been known to fail in as little as 30 hours.

The Argo OEM belt has the Argo name and part number stamped in white on the.

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