A look at the benedict monks

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A look at the benedict monks

Benedict and who are descendants of the traditional monasticism of the early medieval centuries in Italy and Gaul. The Benedictines, strictly speaking, do not constitute a single religious order because each monastery is autonomous.

Benedict wrote his rule with his own abbey of Montecassino in mind. The rule, which spread slowly in Italy and Gaul, provided a complete directory for both the government and the spiritual and material well-being of a monastery by carefully integrating prayer, manual labour, and study into a well-rounded daily routine.

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By the 7th century the rule had been applied to women, as nuns, whose patroness was deemed Scholastica, sister of St. By the time of Charlemagne at the beginning of the 9th century, the Benedictine Rule had supplanted most other observances in northern and western Europe. During the five centuries following the death of Benedict, the monasteries multiplied both in size and in wealth.

They were the chief repositories of learning and literature in western Europe and were also the principal educators. Each community within the order maintains its own autonomy, while the order itself represents their mutual interests. Most Benedictine houses are loosely affiliated in 20 national or supra-national congregations.

Each of these congregations elects its own Abbot President. These presidents meet annually in the Synod of Presidents.

A look at the benedict monks

Additionally, there is a meeting every four years of the Congress of Abbots, which is made up of all abbots and conventual priors, both of monasteries that are members of congregations, as well as of those unaffiliated with any particular congregation.

Communities of Benedictine nuns and Religious Sisters are joined in 61 congregations and federations that are associated with the Confederation, although they do not have full membership.

In November after a consultation process with all monasteries of Benedictine women around the world, it was decided to use the name Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum CIB to designate all communities of Benedictine women recognized by the Abbot Primate as such and listed in the Catalogus Monasteriorum O.

Benedictine monasticism is fundamentally different from other Western religious orders insofar as its individual communities are not part of a religious order with Generalates and Superiors General.

Rather, in modern times, the various autonomous houses have formed themselves loosely into congregations that in turn are represented in the Benedictine Confederation. Throughout the Benedictine confederation and its subdivisions, independence and autonomy among communities are uniquely valued.

A look at the benedict monks

The basic unit has always been the individual abbey, rather than the Congregation. This explains why some houses e. Monte Cassino, Subiaco, Saint Paul-outside-the-Walls RomeMontserrat and Pannonhalma have unbroken histories of more than a thousand years while the Congregations to which they belong are more recent.

Section 17 in chapter 58 of the Rule of Saint Benedict states the solemn promise candidates for reception into a Benedictine community are required to make: Much scholarship over the last fifty years has been dedicated to the translation and interpretation of conversion of life.

Benedictine Oblates endeavor to embrace the spirit of the Benedictine vow in their own life in the world.

The Medal of Saint Benedict

Benedictines, in addition to their monastic life of contemplation and celebration of the liturgy, are engaged in various activities, including education, scholarship, and parochial and missionary work.The Medal of Saint Benedict.

PDF Download: Saint Benedict Medal Poster [Available for Purchase from Catholic to the Max] The Medal of Saint Benedict has long been used as a means of fostering and expressing religious devotion.

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A look at the benedict monks

So in Monte Cassino St. Benedict founded a hospital that is considered today to have been the first in Europe of the new era. Benedictine monks took care of the sick and wounded there according to Benedict’s Rule. Benedictine was founded in , under the name of Benedictine College, by a group of Benedictine monks from Belmont Abbey in North Carolina.

The monks drew inspiration for their educational mission from European and American Benedictine institutes of .

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The Order of Saint Benedict (OSB; Latin: Ordo Sancti Benedicti), also known as the Black Monks – in reference to the colour of its members' habits – is a Catholic religious order of independent monastic communities that observe the Rule of Saint Benedict.

We are the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, also known as. Benedict along with a look at the benedict monks daily readings and prayers.

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