11th grade american literature research paper

She is condemned to wear a scarlet letter as a sign of her adultery, and it has a strange and disturbing effect upon those around her — neighbors, husband, lover and child.

11th grade american literature research paper

Essays 1—3 Due sessions 5, 13, and 21 The first three essays will build on your use of Annotation Studio, a simple digital tool that allows you to search and take notes in a digital text, to display your comments either privately or publicly, and to filter, tag, and sort your notes.

Please go to http: You will receive a link where you can register and begin annotating texts.

11th grade american literature research paper

What does a text need in order to be readable? Most of the texts we read in this class appeared in historical and cultural contexts that we can only partially recover and understand. In order to be meaningful to new readers, texts need to be edited.

11th grade american literature research paper

The Norton Anthology edits by selecting from a large archive of texts, creating excerpts, and providing historical overviews, biographical introductions, and helpful notes. In this class, we are going one step further. Your essays will allow you to provide editorial apparatus of your own, making choices and providing research materials, so that your peers can appreciate the texts more fully.

Using writing workshops and peer feedback, you will create texts for readers like yourselves. For each of the first three essays, you will assume one of three editing tasks as the class prepares the text for "publication": You will sign up for your tasks early in the term, a different one for each essay.

At the writing workshop before each due date, you will work with the other writers in your editorial group to refine your work. Your essays should explain the historical, biographical, or literary context for reading the text and should show how knowing this context illuminates particular details in the text under discussion.

They will build a class archive of editorial work as a resource, record, and model for future essays. Although authors and tasks vary from assignment to assignment, certain expectations remain the same throughout: Each essay should show mastery of passages and details from the text under discussion.

Focused research will be necessary for your work, and you should cite sources including the text under consideration and give credit accordingly, using MLA Works Cited format. You are writing for an audience of peers who know the text as well as you do and will not need summaries of the plot or well-known facts.

Try to illuminate the text and delight your readers.In this unit, students will explore great works of American literature and consider how writers reflect the time period in which they write.

They will write two literary analysis papers and also work in groups to research and develop anthologies of excellent American stories.

Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Literature Questions for Tests and Worksheets

American Literature and Composition is a study of the major literary topics and themes across the history of the United States from pre-colonial times to present day. Students will focus on the major literary forms of the emerging nation, analyze the literary themes and trends, and research and compose several papers, speeches, and.

Dr. Obermeier's Sample Paper Files. You are advised to peruse these sample papers previous students have written for my classes. The papers are either pdf files or HTML files, in which I have embedded comments to explain why they are superior efforts.

Sample Literature Papers

research papers can be categorized by cause/effect relationships, comparisons, persuasive appeals, problem/solution, qualities of an object, etc.

Commentary: specific opinions expressed by the student about each concrete detail. A research paper showing evidence of plagiarism will receive a grade of zero.

As noted in the district grading policy, the student will be given one opportunity to submit an original paper. American Literature 11th grade. Course Description: This 6-week unit is designed for an 11th grade American literature class that has been reading and writing about a wide variety of American literature .

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